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Your property to take care of your old daughter teeth in Vietnam

Your property to take care of your old daughter teeth in Vietnam, the master’s role is teeth in Vietnam : In a common way that dentists can do it is to interfere with the jaw frame of the child and expand the jawbone, thanks to this solution, but teeth will still have certain gaps to move without carrying out any tooth extraction on the jaw of the child’s jaw because children in this age group have a developing jaw frame therefore, there is no need to intervene with a solution to remove teeth as in patients of adult age onwards except for children with excess teeth, then dentists need to adjust by pulling teeth to make the best and most beautiful braces possible. There are also cases where the patient owns the missing teeth while the purpose of braces is to create gaps that make the teeth move easily but in this case there is no need to pull less because teeth already have gaps to fit together.

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Here are some specific notes.

Implant cases can be implanted vietnam dentist prices

Teeth Implants implant a complete dental restoration at any position while retaining the original chewing function. The crown is made of a titanium compound that joins the jawbone to replace the real tooth root. New teeth can survive and withstand chewing without affecting or affecting neighboring teeth.

Dental implants help restore both the legs and crowns.

Locate the transplant plug

Placement of implants can be difficult if the patient has lost teeth for a long time, or due to the limits of anatomical structure. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Digital Implant DIO implant technology uses Cone beam CT to help physicians and surgeons visualize the patient’s anatomy in three dimensions, including the height and width of the bone at the intended site. Dental implant, soft tissue thickness, adjacent anatomy, precise localization of the sinus cavity and other important anatomical structures such as lower canal, chin opening and canal.

Using these images in the surgical planning software, experts will be able to select the right size, shape and prosthesis for the final implant, accurately identifying the position, direction and depth of the implant. To plan a complete implants implant. cấy ghép implant ở đâu tốt nhất

Based on the above analyzes, CAD / CAM guidewires provide accurate surgical guidance, avoiding errors caused by the surgeon’s sensation. As a result, the accuracy of surgery is high, good aesthetic results, minimize complications.

In addition, digital Implant DIO implant using non-flipping surgery, making implants more secure, higher success rate, prosthetic restoration more standard, faster healing. This method is very effective for cases where multiple adjacent teeth are missing.

Dental implants provide the opportunity to restore teeth for all ages. cấy răng implant



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